Sunmoon offers CRAMS and drug discovery services for its customers.

Synthesis and Medicinal chemistry services to the biotech and pharmaceutical companies from milligrams to Kilograms scale.

This business model works on FFS (Fee for Service) , FTE (Full time equivalent) built to suit facility.



  • HPLC with PDA detector
  • GC
  • FT- IR
  • LC-MS
  • 300 MHz NMR access from nearby facility
  • 1L – 10L rotavaps
  • Microwave synthesizer
  • 96 well parallel synthesizer
  • 12 and 6 carousel stations
  • 250mL -2L Par hydrogenation apparatus
  • Auto clave – 5L capacity with 1000 psi pressure

Literature support

  • Beilstein access
  • Access to Central Government Institute Libraries in City for CA and other journals
  • Online Patents access
  • Online journal access for ACS and Elsevier journals

Chemistry Serivces

  • Building Blocks
  • Scaffolds
  • Drug Intermediates
  • Reference or Standard compounds
  • Analogues, small and large libraries (200 to 2000 compounds)
  • Drug Metabolites
  • Monomers
  • Small organic molecules for OLED applications
  • Chiral Chemistry

Reaction Capabilities:

  • Grignard & Wittig reactions, protection & deprotection reactions Handling air sensitive reagents like n-BuLi, t-BuLi, LDA,
       LHMDS, KH and NaH
  • Pd based chemistry & various condensation reactions
  • Handling of Boronic acids and phosphate esters
  • Handling of phosgene, cyanide reactions, Brominations, Nitrations
  • Chiral synthesis using chiral reagents or chiral catalysts
  • Liquid ammonia reactions and sealed tube reactions
  • Autoclave (5 L) and Hydrogenations (250 ml – 1 L parr apparatus) under high-pressure up to 1000psi

Experience in Library Synthesis

  • Reductive amination
  • Suzuki coupling
  • Buchwald coupling
  • Urea formation
  • Ether formation
  • N- Acylation
  • N- Alkylation

Project management:

  • SOPs for various stages of project execution
  • Reactions are monitored by TLC technique
  • All the intermediates and final compounds are characterized by IR, 1H-NMR, Mass or LC-MS and HPLC
  • Purifications carried out using gradient column or flash column chromatography
  • Transparent communication process
  • Secure e-mails, teleconferences and meetings
  • Weekly reports and Final report – standard or customised formats
  • Lab note books shipped to the client


  • All Intellectual Property (IP) owned by Client
  • Scientists enforce strict confidentiality
  • CDA signed with each employee
  • Details of the project known to the respective Project Managers only
  • Experiments are recorded by chemists in dedicated Lab books
  • Project Codes used for Chemical Procurement, Spectral data requisitions and sample shipments


  • All labs are fitted with Fire extinguishers, sand buckets and eye washer
  • All the chemists were insisted to wear lab coats, eye glasses and gloves
  • Safety shields are used for hazardous and high temp reactions
  • Safety manuals are available in the labs
  • All the chemists are provided with general laboratory safety guidelines at the time of joining

Waste Disposal

  • All the liquid waste is segregated as chlorinated / non-chlorinated solvent
  • Solid waste like silica gel, sodium sulfate etc. are send to waste management

Chemical procurement:

     Raw materials
  • Dedicated purchase-in-charge to order raw materials
  • All the imported chemicals from Aldrich / Alfaaesar takes 12-14 days to be in stock.
  • Chemicals available in India takes approximately 2-3 days to be in stock
  • Chemicals available in home city takes 24 hrs to be in stock


     We are committed to provide
  • Quality products
  • Purity as per specifications
  • Communication on project progress
  • Delivery in estimated time frame
  • Protection of client’s IP


To become a one-stop destination for global oncology pharmaceutical companies that require chemistry services starting from lead generation till commercial production
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